Most of our current work has been helping clients adapt their software and development process to produce globalized software. This software can be easily adapted to support language and cultural differences.

Another area we have been working in lately has been web applications. Especially more complicated applications involving multi-language and XML support.

Some problems are especially difficult to solve because they require in-depth cross discipline skills. X.Net specializes it this kind of challenge.

X.Net will either provide you a quality solution or we will not take the job.  The most important skill a consultant should have is knowing his or her limitations. We live by our reputation and would rather turn down the work than have a client who is not satisfied that picking X.Net was the best choice.

Sample Projects

Internet Applications
Developed an Internet based project management system using SQL, ASP, DSO, XML, and XSL.
Added international support for PHP scripting language. This included first adding support to the Apache Web server as an extension to the server code.
Database systems
Developed internal relational database engine and data mining tool support for multiple languages.
Added multi-protocol access to a proprietary mainframe OO style database that enabled access from CICS, UNIX, and Windows (OLEDB) applications.
Chairman of the keyboard committee of the standards group that eventually led to the USB standard.
Worked with several clients to develop programming standards.
Cross Platform Applications
Designed and developed the meta-ware for a cross platform application running on IBM Mainframes (MVS & VSE), UNIX (AIX) and Windows platforms.
Currently working on code that will run on most Windows and Unix platforms plus Mac, OS/390 and AS400 systems.
Developed a sockets to LU 6.2 bridge that would run in an IBM Transaction Server environment.
Designed and built a special network performance analyzer for a proprietary Tandem networking protocol.