xIUA 3.5 supports ICU 1.8.1 through ICU 2.8.

We expect that since this code will be integrated into your application that it will be easier to apply any minor fixes into your existing code instead of upgrading to use a current version of xIUA. 

Contact info@xnetinc.com if you plan to implement the code so that we can notify you of any bugs and ICU release upgrade instructions.  Please report any bugs you find.   We will also notify you of any changes required to migrate to newer releases of ICU.

For a brief description of each API you can browse the xiua.h file,  The source here is not packaged as a zip or gz file to make it easier to browse the code without having to download to source.  

xtest.c is the test program. This program tests the xIUA interfaces. When you modify xIUA code or change ICU releases you should run this application.

mod_xiua.c is the ICU interface program. This is the base code that can be modified to your needs. It is named mod_xiua.c to allow it to be used to make the xIUA/ICU services a part of an Apache Web server.

xiua.cpp is the ICU C++ interface program. This is the routine that interfaces to ICU C++ support code.

xiua.h is the header file for mod_xiua. Your application will also need the ICU unicode headers. Your includes must include the directory that is the parent of the ICU "unicode" sub-directory.

xiux.h is the header file for private xIUA functions that are shared between mod_xiua.c and xiua.cpp

It uses the ICU common (icuucd.lib), i18n (icuind.lib) and data (icudata.lib)DLLs/DSOs.

Note: To compile this code for Windows as a Win32 Console application be sure to specify that it is a multithreaded DLL.  Use the /MT option for release and /MTd for debug.  For other platforms use compatible options to those in the ICU install make files.  

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