X.Net. Inc. began as a networking and multi-platform applications consulting company. In 1985 it began working on international issues. This was a natural progression from networking which has global implications and Mr. Brown's multi-cultural background with training in several languages.

Almost all of our consulting has been either software design or development. However, we have been involved in some hardware issues such as helping to develop international support standards for ACCESS.bus. We also developed a Code of Ethics and a Standards and Practices guide for computer consultants.

Recently most of our work can been globalization and web development. Currently we are also offering free software to help people convert to Unicode. This package (xIUA) is especially useful for web server applications. We have distributed free software before. We developed BOOTOS to enable users to install multiple versions of DOS and Windows 95 on the same computer. We distributed several thousand copies of the software. However because it is easier to develop and test international software newer demand has dropped of and we decided not to develop a FAT32 version of the software.

Today X.Net is the most experienced independent consulting company dealing with IBM's ICU software for Unicode support for C applications. We distribute xIUA (X.Net Internationalization and Unicode Adaptor) as an alternative way to implement ICU support for companies who find this approach easier.